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Do Concussions Cause CTE?

      Comments Off on Do Concussions Cause CTE? Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is a degenerative brain condition tied to repeated head injuries. One of the most top-level cases of the problem, which can be diagnosed definitively just after death, have actually involved expert football players as well as fighters. Much remains unknown about CTE, consisting of… Read more »

Why Head Injuries Affect Girls Differently Than Boys

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Bumps as well as bruises are a normal part of childhood years, particularly if your young one is a follower of play ground activities, like capture the flag or dive rope, or is involved in organized sporting activities. Group sports help kids and teenagers form relationships, increase self-esteem and also… Read more »

Natural Headache Remedies That Work

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Whether it’s a plain pains or stabbing discomfort, a migraine sends out most individuals straight to the medication cupboard. However pills aren’t the only service to relieve headaches– or their more severe type, migraine headaches, which typically include nausea, vomiting and also level of sensitivity to light and sound. On… Read more »