Love Me Fridays

Love Me Fridays
  • Making new friends on twitter!
  • The fact that I no longer am suffering any ill effects from the most brutal gastroenteritis that I’ve ever had (which has kept me down since last weekend)!
  • The Olympics are making me desperately wish to be healthy and go participate in sports!  It’s fun to watch them and I’ve definitely been having a lot of Canadian pride with our recent rush of gold medal wins!
  • Looking at pictures of cute animals and playing catch the mouse with my Marmie (we have a toy mouse hooked on the end of a fishing rod and we cast it up and down the stairs).
  • Choosing from the nail polishes sent by the wonderful Mei-Lu <3.  She spoils me too much!
  • Playing rummy and listening to Jim Morrison with my Sarah!  So much fun :)
  • My mom and I built a snowman together last night and I decorated him!  It was the first time I’ve been outside this winter for a fun purpose!
  • The movie Frozen, which is just too good…
  • Filling out journals, forever and always <3


What have been the little delights of your week (or weeks, as it has been awhile since I’ve posted one of these)?  I’d love to see some of your sunshine :)



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  1. I love new twitter friends! I can’t see a link to follow you on there on your blog but if we aren’t already follow me if you like and we can be twitter friends :) @hayleyszucs


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