Holding On To Things That Make Me Feel Alive

Holding On To Things That Make Me Feel Alive

It has taken me a lot of therapy, but now my coping mechanisms relate highly to this:

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Some of the things that make me feel alive are:

  • My cat
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Beautiful places and spaces (basically anything that I find beautiful in any way…)
  • Journals
  • Nature in all forms
  • My family

And that’s about it…

Most of the time I’m too tired/brainfogged to be able to feel alive from any of these things, but when I have a moment of clarity, they bring me great comfort.  I wish I could say that I could hold on to that feeling of being alive more often, but sadly it often slips away.  I’m constantly grabbing at these things to keep me distracted from the rest of my existence, and the trauma that it brings me.

Maybe someday I will be strong enough to hold on entirely.  I doubt it, but it’s a nice thought to have.

What do you hold on to when you need to make life seem worthwhile?



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  1. I am with you, we have to hold on to joy. My list is very similar to yours, mostly they are small things that enable me to live the life I need to on my terms (survival mechanism).

    Thank goodness for the ability to refocus on things that feed my soul when I feel extra rough. This one thing has been my singular saving grace through this all. It is good to know someone else has a similar outlook!

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