Hormone Replacement Advice?

Hormone Replacement Advice?

I’m a terrible blogger lately, I know.

I can’t figure out if I’m going to renew the URL come summer or not.  I like having a place to express my thoughts about health, but after five years of it, I felt that it was getting to be too repetitive.  A break was very necessary, and I’m glad that I took one, even though I’ve probably alienated a few readers in the process.

I’ve been thinking of attempting to compile the best posts into an ebook – I’d prefer an actual printed book, but an ebook seems like a less lofty goal right now.  That maybe what this all turns into, who knows right?

As I sit here typing this, I’m being assaulted by mega endometriosis pain. I see the endocrinologist on Monday to decide what my other options are, as this hormonal treatment, while seriously effective while I’m on it, really is not working in the off periods.  I’m not even sure if there is a solution that is going to work for me.  It worries me, as the only two options I know of are Lupron and/or a hysterectomy (in terms of hormone stability, not so much endometriosis), and both of these options are just FULL of nasty side effects.

I’m not looking forward to any of it, that is for sure, but my pain, anxiety, acne, mood swings, hot flashes, and lactation problems are all back in full force.

Have any of you gone down the road of hormone replacements?  Do you have any advice?




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  1. Sorry I don’t have advice about Lupron but you definitely didn’t alienate anybody by taking a break, you do what you have to do; nobody would expect you to continue doing something that your heart wasn’t invested in. A book sounds like a great idea you’re so creative and have so many ideas I’m sure that it will all fall into place in time. I hope your appointment gives you the options and answers you’re looking for to move forward. Stay strong. Sibh x

  2. I don’t have any experience with hormone replacement, but I just wanted to leave a message letting you know we all love and support you, no matter how often you’re able to post. I’m sorry you have such crappy options to choose from. That can definitely be scary. I hope your appointment goes well and you’re able to figure out a solution!

  3. I did the Lupron for a year. This was back in 1994. I had awful endometriosis from almost the time I started having periods. By 1994 I couldn’t stand it any more. It totally removes your periods via monthly injection. I did have hot flashes and night sweats, which were fairly well managed by herbal remedies such as black cohosh. The upside was that after the year of treatment and my periods resumed, I could manage the cramps and pain with just ibuprofen. The effects of the treatment in terms of less severe symptoms lasted for about 4 to 5 years for me. By then I was nearing the age of menopause so the surgical route was not for me and I just toughed out the last few years of periods. I would do it again. The cramps and symptoms from the endo were just so disabling for at least 2 days a month that it was worth it to me. Its always a crapshoot with medical stuff so I wish you luck in your choice.

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