I Want My Pills Back!!!

I Want My Pills Back!!!

As many of you know, I have Endometriosis and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (on top of everything else! Fun!).

I’m allowed to take my Demulen 30 (for the Endo) and Cyproterone (Anti-androgens for my PMDD and Acne) for three months in a row, and then I have to stop until a period shows up before I’m allowed to start the pills again.

I stopped the pills about 2.5 weeks ago and it has been a nightmare.  My Endometriosis pains are the worst that they’ve EVER been, my mood is all over the place, hormonal migraines are taking me down, and despite all of the misery, my period REFUSES to start.

I was at the point where I was actually crying and begging for my pills back and to forget following the doctor’s orders, but I live with my mom (who is a pharmacist), who is holding out in favor of following the rules.  It’s probably the right decision, I just can’t believe how much these pills have been helping me over the last few months!  I may still be a mess in a million ways, but those pills had managed to get a few very important issues under control and I miss them!!

Cross your fingers for me that I can get them back sooner rather than later…I’m not coping so well with it all!

I love this picture and this film! [Moonrise Kingdom]



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  1. Oh, Annie, I’m so sorry! That’s the worst when you know there’s something that would help, but you’re denied access to it. Just one thought, this may or may not be true for you, but my period can get really wonky when I’m feeling especially sick… you know how if you’re starving (I mean actually starving, like Anne Frank talks about in her diary) your period won’t come, cuz your body has more important things to do with its resources? I think it’s something like that, only less drastic, of course. But having chronic illness definitely plays a part in it. Sometimes I’ll get my period in the middle of taking my pills, even though I haven’t skipped or missed any, sometimes it won’t come, or will only come for the littlest bit, when I stop them. I’m not trying to get you to go against your doctor’s advice, and every body is different, but that’s just something to think about and keep in mind as you weigh your options.

    I truly hope you get feeling much, much better very soon!!

  2. Thank you Sarah Allegra! I’m definitely planning to follow the doctor’s advice, but only to a point – I’m not letting it ruin my vacation in March! I plan to be back on them for the trip whether I’ve managed to have a period or not! I hope you are well!

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