Verbal Release Therapy

Verbal Release Therapy

So it’s been a long time…

I was thinking about giving up this blog entirely, as I couldn’t seem to articulate my thoughts.  I also didn’t seem to think about anything that was worth sharing.  I sort of retreated into my own little shell, and while I’m not sure that I’m back out of it, I’m tentatively dipping my toes in the water.

  • The holidays were tough.  I do not do well having to socialize with that many people at one time, and as a result, I ended up having a meltdown or two.  They were incredibly lovely otherwise though – I wish the Christmas tree could be up longer, as I find it incredibly magical with all of the lights!
  • Today is the first day that everyone has gone back to work, so I’m attempting to reestablish a routine for myself.  Plus, I get to go back to hogging my all the kitty lovin’!
  • {Continued many hours later…} My resolution was to take shorter naps this year, but I spent five hours asleep with the Marmiekins, so that didn’t work out so well.  I will try to remember to set the alarm for tomorrow.
  • My endometriosis is causing me MAJOR pain these last few days :(
  • My room is feeling claustrophobic, even though I’ve cleaned it up lately.  I just have too many things that I don’t want to throw out (especially books and magazines).
  • I know I’ve made a lot of progress from the state that I was in a few years ago, but every once in awhile something will happen that will show me that things aren’t quite as far along as I had hoped… This is especially true in regards to my high-functioning autism, which I keep feeling like I should be able to change, but the fundamental ways that I react to people remain similar, no matter how much therapy I go through.

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How is everyone doing?  Is there anyone still reading this thing, or should I retire it for good?  Fill me in on your struggles, your holiday, or your fellow desire to be a cat in a spoiled household!



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  1. Hi there I’m still reading too and all I want to say is.. do what brings you joy….if something is pressuring you or becoming a chore it can’t be good for symptoms, so maybe give it a rest for a while, by that I mean actually free yourself from it for a definite (or indefinite) time (as opposed to feeling you should do it but don’t feel up to it then that can lead to guilt). However if it is because you feel you don’t have anything ‘worth’ sharing then push that doubt out of your head… you can write anything and everything here; if you feel it, write it.. you never know who else is thinking the same thing or feeling it but not able to put words to it, that is your gift. I know personal standards and expectations are always higher when we judge ourselves (not that I don’t have some standards:)) your blog has brought me much joy, food for thought, reflection and most importantly a need to reach out…Wishing you a wonderful 2014 whatever you choose to do and remember we’re always here never expecting but always accepting of every gem you scribe. As always stay strong. Sibh x

  2. Do what feels right for you, delightful Annie.
    I love reading your blog but I understand it is a fair bit of effort.

    I found the holidays tough. I was almost exhausted before Christmas and had to stop working from home (for the few hours I do) and I slept about 16 hours a day, the only other things I did we’re eating and resting. My visitors brought a nasty virus with them and my partner has been sick for two weeks with it. Luckily my immune system fought it off quickly but I suffered on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
    So at my house we are both worn out but I’m a little better than before Christmas and can leave the house again.

    Take care of yourself Annie xx

  3. Have I told you lately that I love you all? Thanks for hanging in here with me!

    I hope you are all feeling as well as possible right now! xo

  4. Hello Annie, I stumbled upon this site while looking for chronic pain blogs. My name is Morgan 27yo male with fibro and spinal injuries. I wanted to say hello! and wishing you a happy day.

  5. I have a friend that told me she suffers from endometriosis. She kept is secret for years although I had a feeling she was quite depressed at times and always cagey about why she didn’t want children when she was great with other peoples.
    Any advice how to interact with her or should I just carry one as normal.

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