Love Me Fridays

Love Me Fridays
  • Trying to find the perfect gifts to bring smiles to the faces of the people I love.
  • Marmie has been an extra cuddle monster lately!
  • Wearing a toque indoors is really helping me regulate my temperature!
  • Reading what all my US friends are thankful for this year on Twitter – warms my cold heart ;)
  • My mom talking to me when I’m sad – it may not make everything better, but her distraction and love help take the edge off for sure!
  • I shouldn’t admit this, but I just saw a video of someone popping a huge cyst, and as someone who also gets them…it was oddly satisfying! Hahaha. I’m gross.
  • Hyperbole and a Half – her comics about depression are just so spot on.  I know it’s part illness and part depression, but everything I love has been supremely dulled down for so many months now. I wonder if I’m ever going to break free…
  • I love holiday traditions…sadly, they aren’t happening this year.
  • Essie’s Wicked on my fingernails :)

Otherwise, I’m having a really annoying evening trying to buy things online for family members and the websites are failing me, so I will add in pictures to this later.

Hope you are all well.




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