Verbal Release Therapy

Verbal Release Therapy
  • Sarah and I both came down with nasty migraines during our sleepover.  It was still great to see her though, and she even fixed my computer!  She’s also one of the few people that I can talk to about the feeling as though everyone else was given a memo on how to successfully live life, while mine was lost in the mail.  Other people make so many things look easy, while I struggle and flail through them.  I’m not sure if people are just really good at hiding their problems compared to the two of us, or if they really do just find things easier to accomplish!  Sarah also hates small talk, which is important for a friendship with me.
  • Puking.  DO NOT LIKE.
  • Trying hard to improve my diet only to a) be exhausted by the time it takes to help do all the prep and cooking, and b) have difficulty digesting the veggies and grains (such as in my roasted veggie quinoa!), as a result of my gastroparesis.  It was tasty, but I’m not sure it was worth the massive amount of discomfort that followed.
  • I need to throw things out and make room in my bedroom, but as a poor person, it’s hard to let go of things that are still potentially useful, even if they will be donated to a fellow poor person…
  • Not being able to easily go and hang out with Mei-Lu!!!
  • My failing at being a good blogger last week.  I really feel like it’s been the last year.  So many things that I used to love just no longer do it for me.  I always hope that it’s going to turn around if ever I could lift myself out of the depression and regain some energy, but I’ve been waiting at long time now…

What have you been struggling with lately?  Feel free to have a rant in the comments, as I always like knowing that there are a few readers out there!  I hope you are all as well as possible.



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