Finally, I Update…

Finally, I Update…

Of the past week:

I’ve liked

  • All of the lovely birthday wishes from twitter/facebook/my family!
  • My dad’s sweet little homemade gift :)
  • Listening to 90′s music (my favorite music decade, followed closely by the 70′s!), and singing along…
  • Watching The Food Network – it all looks so yummy!  You’d think it would help me cook, but no, I still freeze when I go to the fridge.
  • My delightful Skype chat with Mei-Lu!!
  • Studying Toni Bernhard’s book How To Wake Up
  • Being more active on Tumblr – I forgot what a fun space that is for expressing oneself!
  • Juxtapoz magazine for being super cool and inspiring!

I’ve disliked

  • That my birthday was so underwhelming and made me reminisce on all of the things that I’ve lost thanks to these illnesses…
  • My hyperacusis was terrible on Sunday and Monday, where I ended up tucked in bed with a migraine.  The sound of a paper ripping at the opposite end of the house, or even running water was enough to make me cry.  I hate this extreme hypersensitivity!
  • My appointment was bumped back yesterday, which I wasn’t aware of… It ended up bumping up the hours that I had to spend in Charlottetown, and caused me to overdo things body-wise.
  • I felt so awful today that I had to cancel my first appointment with my new doctor at the last minute. It was going to be too difficult to talk about everything that needs to be talked about in a first meeting.  I’ve since spent the day in bed feeling atrocious.  I don’t know if I have a cold/flu in the works, or what is happening…
  • I’ve been feeling so terrible that blogging feels like a huge challenge :(

Thank you for sticking with me!  I really appreciate it.  Things will hopefully cycle around and I can get back to feeling remotely like myself.  I will try to get to commenting on the comments as soon as I can!

How have you all been doing?  Sending all of my love.



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