Love Me Fridays

Love Me Fridays
  • This gluten-free shortbread and coconut cream squares that my aunt was kind enough to share with us!  The pieces were soooo decadent!
  • Halloween costumes on little kids (not that I got to see very many of them, as a result of living in the middle of nowhere!)…
  • Getting things in the mail…this week it was a stuffed dinosaur.
  • The website ‘Crazy Things Parents Text’ has been cracking me up!
  • Reading by the fireplace…see also, snoozing by the fireplace…
  • The fact that this extra tough week will make me even more grateful for a lighter one when it comes!
  • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry has been a delightful read so far – I totally recommend it!
  • It’s almost my birthday!  Not that it much matters, as I don’t much celebrate – but still, come Thursday I will be yet another year older!


Almost exactly like this dude…

It turns out that this week wasn’t half bad once you take away the collection’s agency, and the pain/fatigue/nausea/etc…!  This is why I always like trying to find some good in the bad – I’d completely not notice if I didn’t take the time to look for it!  How has your week been?

Happy November everyone!



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