Television Anxiety…Why???

Television Anxiety…Why???

What are everyone’s best ways of dealing with anxiety?

Preferably of the non-medication kind, as I already have Clonazepam on board when needed.  I have been studying Buddhism, which has been helping, as putting myself in the moment causes less stress than looking at the bigger picture, but I still find myself having strange anxiety reactions to television.  I’m fine with twitter, radio stations, books, etc… but when the television goes on, it’s like my brain starts calculating the fastest way that I can possibly leave the room.

Any ideas for me??  Or is this just the strangest anxiety trigger?



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  1. Hi Annie, when I first got really sick. Most television shows were entirely too stimulating for me. I couldn’t watch my favorite show PROJECT RUNWAY. Or at the time ENTOURAGE. Nothing with any sort of anticipation. It would cause radiating anxiety throughout my whole body – heart palpitations, headache, stiff muscles.

    Literally the only 3 things I could watch were MURDER SHE WROTE, Seinfeld and Magnum PI (non stressful episodes). I get it. It was really weird and eventually it has gone away. I do still get it sometimes – like I can’t watch certain shows that are too anxiety provoking (breaking bad) or too emotional in any way.

    I’ve heard this before & I don’t think it’s as uncommon as we think.

  2. Sorry to read you are having a real battle with anxiety. I don’t think it’s a strange trigger at all. Just as an example, I watched a couple of programmes on TV last night that had some upsetting scenes and they really upset me and left me feeling anxious. I couldn’t switch off that feeling, even after switching off the tv. Obviously that’s not the same as how you feel about television but what we watch can evoke strong feelings in us so you should be careful of what you choose to watch on tv, if you are managing to watch it at all. Have you managed to identify the times of the day when you feel most anxious? This is just me hypothesising so I could be completely wrong. But perhaps these times when your anxiety is at its worst just happened to coincide with the tv being on. Over time this could lead you to feeling like the tv is a trigger for the emotions you feel. I apologise that I don’t have overly helpful suggestions on overcoming anxiety as it is something I too struggle with too. But you have identified it and that’s the first step. I’ve been trying to do some meditation and I do find it helps me to relax. Is there something you particularly enjoy- a food or hobby that make you feel good? Maybe you could pair that up with watching tv in the hope the good emotions you feel override the anxiety the television causes? Maybe it might also be worth looking into Bach remedies?

  3. Hello,
    I couldn’t watch TV or DVDs for a few months jug because it was too tiring. The ads, the suspense, the pace…I started back in by watching ad-free comedy episodes. Even now I’d prefer to look out a window than watch TV. Sorry you feel so anxious. Maybe watch it with the sound off and teletext subtitles on instead?

    I hope you are still enjoying books and magazines and writing your lovely blog. x

  4. I limit my television to no more than an hour at a time, and sometimes I can’t take it at all. The moving pictures and sounds, and trying to track them at the same time is just too much stimulation.

    One thing that helps is putting on the subtitles. Then I don’t have to struggle so hard to understand what people are saying. Another thing, if the tv is on for others, but I don’t want to watch, is to put in earplugs and use my laptop or kindle. That way I can be in the same space as others without letting the tv get to me.

    Also, for anxiety, in addition to meditation and medication, there’s hot water – made into a cup of tea, or filling a bath. Both of those help soothe my jangly nerves.

  5. I have Clonazepam too! :) My therapist gave me homework recently to do a relaxation exercise 4xday for 21 days. I haven’t done it perfectly every day, and I’m only about 5 days into it, but I have noticed that getting to the relaxing part at the end has come more quickly. Ideally, if you practice enough, you’ll be able to just say “relax” to your body, and it will. It’ll be a little while before I’m quite there, but I think it’s very worth trying! It can’t possibly hurt; the very worst thing that could come from it is that I’ve wasted a little time.

    So here’s the exercise. Lay or sit comfortably and close your eyes. Focus on your lower legs and feet. Tighten up all the muscles just in that area as much as you can (without causing pain), hold for 10 seconds, then slowly release for ten seconds. That area should feel noticeably relaxed. Continue with upper legs/butt, lower abs, chest and arms, then neck and head. Afterward, you should find yourself a little more at ease, and as I said, the effects will only heighten as you practice and get more used to it :)

    Good luck! I hope you find something that works!

  6. Wow, thank you all for responding! I thought it was such a strange thing, but you are making me feel like I’m more normal than I thought I was!

    I definitely like the idea of putting the television on with subtitles! I think that could potentially allow me to see some of my favorite programs without feeling so poorly!

  7. Hiya I recently got a relaxation exercise to quiet the mind esp when in pain or overstimulated by ‘confusing’ it. He called it the Heinz Beans method as it involves the number 57 (varieties, probable before your time!). Now it’s not a maths test or something you have to get right you’re meant to make mistakes and forget where you are, that means it’s working….I struggled with this as am Type A.
    You sit or lie you can do it wherever you are.
    Take a deep breath and exhale –
    on your next inhalation count 1
    on your breath out count 57
    next inhalation count 2
    exhalation 56
    inhalation 3
    exhalation 55…. and so on
    So you count forward in and backwards out (am getting confused even writing it) If you lose count or forget where you are simply start again I rarely get to 50 and usually fall asleep. Worth a try! Stay strong and thank you for sharing that you’re never alone in what you go through and provide a platform for sharing which is priceless x Sibh

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