Love Me Fridays

Love Me Fridays

Sorry for the lack of posting, the last day and a half were absolutely misery.  I was crying from how ill I was – plus, I had to pull myself together long enough to go to the doctor and figure out something for these hormonal issues I’m having.  We decided to skip the extremely expensive shots for now, in favor of a mixture of Demulen and Diane (the latter being just the anti-androgen, not the birth control pill).  There is even more that I won’t get into on a day that I’m supposed to be reminiscing about the good things of the week!  Yesterday brought up too much of the crippling past, and I’m trying my best to live in the present!!

  • My twitter family (who are basically the extent of my social life these days!)
  • Getting lost in a good list on the Internet (I’m a list-aholic)…
  • Watching cat gifs on Tumblr :)
  • Extra pain pills for making my days slightly more bearable.  I also don’t feel as sick as I felt yesterday, so that’s a win!
  • I printed some pictures for my scrapbook, so I should be able to buckle down on that project when I feel a little better!
  • How nice the weather has been for the past few days…it’s almost like Spring out there minus the falling leaves!
  • Drooling over things that I wish I could have but can’t afford…especially jewelry.  I love well-done costume jewelry but I can’t wear it due to a nickel allergy.  I can still dream though :)  I’m especially in love with this Gemma Redux piece:

Ha, us crazy cat folk :)

Very true, I love pajama shopping!

(Images from WeHeartIt)

How is everyone else doing this Friday?  Do you feel like taking a moment to be grateful for the good things we do have, despite the crummy illnesses?  I’d love to hear your list!



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  1. Happy things Friday.

    1. My AMAZING HUSBAND who really is there for me on every step of this journey.
    2. The support from my mother & father I couldn’t live without.
    3. Healthy Food
    4. Finally a team of good caring doctors
    5. A symptom break long enough to catch up with friends IN PERSON and re-establish old friendships
    6. Really soft sheets
    7. My wild rose garden
    8. My doggies with their constant love
    9. Somewhere I got the courage to speak louder to the public about my disease and “come out of hiding”
    10. Friends who don’t give a crap I’m sick & send me funny text messages through out the day
    11. SWIMMING

  2. Rose, all of those things sound wonderful! I especially like that your friends don’t mind that you are sick and send you funny text messages throughout the day! I wish I had some friends just like that! Love your list!

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