Removed From Society

Removed From Society

A question for the people who have been sick and relatively housebound for a long time like myself…

Do you ever wonder if/when you ever get better – will you be able to reintegrate into society?  I feel so far removed from everyone and their experiences, that I am not able to relate to most people.  I’ve been so isolated that I don’t even know if I could handle more than a few people in my presence at a time!

This is more of a pondering life question (where there are no definitive answers), as opposed to my goal of taking things one day at a time.  I’m curious if any of you feel similarly.



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  1. Fascinating question.

    I’m a changed person and not sure I’d like to have a conversation with the old me, that’s awful to admit
    I’ve changed permanently, I couldn’t go back to have vacuous conversations and mingling.

    We are society and we have our own wonderful culture here. It’s empathetic, honest, expressive and I care about how you and your commenters are, Sarah Allegra’s sentiments are so well expressed and similar to how I feel.

    The world needs more honest conversations, not idle gossip and banal chit chat about traffic, weather and the growth of small children.

    There are enough people around with interesting life experiences for us to bond with, might not happen often and might not be our age. But I hope we’ll find each other at functions.

  2. It’s a different life for sure, but you can do it. I’ve done it. I’d been pretty much house-bound for about 2 years before I finally found the answer that turned things around for me (diet change). I’m still not 100% and never will be, but I’m 90% most days. It took some effort on my part to get back out and reconnect with the people who were still there. The real friends will still be there, even when you’ve been AWOL for a decade.

    One thing I would suggest is that if you are house-bound try to connect in ways that you can. Use the internet, use the phone, whatever it takes. Don’t allow yourself to completely shut off from the world, it will only add to the depression and negative feelings.

  3. If I get better, I think I’d try to reach out to my local community more. I’d like to try volunteering for a suicide hotline and reaching out to others who are suffering invisible illnesses like we are. Perhaps I would attend some support group meetings, or start a group myself. I’d like to try to cultivate a friendship or two with people who are in a similar situation. I need to keep in mind too, that if I remit, I can just as easily relapse, which would mean retracting back into reclusiveness.

    I’m not gonna lie, I feel pressure to still be the old me and conform to our world’s idea of having a social life, but like others said here, I don’t think I’d find it very satisfying anymore.

    I think about this all the time, and have to regularly remind myself that reality for me has now changed and it’s not my fault that I don’t fit in and can no longer socialize. I don’t like it, though. And part of me also feels that maybe I’ll just keep to myself even if I feel better in the future.

  4. Sandy and rockinME, I feel the same way!

    I don’t want to socialize about mindless things like the weather, when I’ve adapted to having honest conversations with people about their inner lives. I wouldn’t be content going back into the world and being the me that I was before I became ill.

    I also want to volunteer or work at places where I could use my empathy to connect and help those who are down and out.

    And Julie, I try not to cut myself off – I have a blog full of wonderful people and a twitter as well!

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