Love Me Fridays

Love Me Fridays
  • Going through Pinterest scrapbook pages for inspiration for the scrapbook that I’m making for my mom.
  • The games 7 Words and Covet Fashion
  • Top of the Lake
  • All of the inspiration from House Beautiful magazine…I’d love to make over someone’s place!
  • Street style photos from all the fashion weeks :)
  • My diet is working reasonably well!
  • Any days that I feel well enough to have a little dance session around the house!
  • My weighted blanket…

I’m not loving my anxiety though, and it’s back with a bang!  I’m constantly worrying about how much I need to get done (need vs. want is an issue here), including this daily blogging business.  My delightful hormone cycle also knocked me down with a brutal migraine and endometriosis pain.  Gah.

I’m like this cat, with my cat in the bubble! Haha…oh I’m such a crazy cat lady!

I ALWAYS need to remind myself of this.  It’s such an important thing to remember.  I freak out, but when I compare where I am now to where I was…there is serious progress being made.

Oh yeah…it’s going to be hot!

(Images from WeHeartIt)

Oh well, at least it is time to hide away for the weekend!  Do you have any lovely things from the week that you’d like to share?  It might even help ease my anxious mind…



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  1. Hello,
    hypnotherapy is helping
    A really delicious strawberry dessert last night
    Going work for the first time in two years (only for half a day and did no actual work but hurray!)
    Hearing about a friend of a friend who is doing well
    Reading a whole Sarra Manning chick lit book in bed yesterday taking my mind off horrible pmt

    I love the reminder that progress is being made. There is a beautiful apple blossom tree next door and when it was in bloom last year I could only walk that far. This year and I walk the loop of the whole street.

    Have a wonderful day Annie xx

  2. Oooh hypnotherapy! I’ve never had that done! I’m glad it’s helping Sandy!

    I’m glad you managed to go to work for the first time in two years…it’s a big moment even if it wasn’t to work!

    I will keep in mine Sarra Manning…I’ve never read any of her work before!

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