Hello September!

Hello September!

Oh…the air of Autumn has crashed in on us again…

This time of year always makes me think of how excited I would get to go back to school – experience that feeling of a clean slate.  I would buy all fresh pens, clean notebooks, and new clothes and promise myself that this new year was going to be bigger and better.  I think I still associate this time of year with change more so than New Year’s.

I’ve been reflecting on this past year, and I must say that it is probably my best year of recent years, despite some of the pervasive problems that I can’t quite rid myself of (the whole ‘chronic’ thing is really overrated).  Perhaps sometime this year I will get control over my fatigue and be able to go volunteer someplace…or maybe I will be able to incorporate better food into my bland gastroparesis diet!  Go go attempting to stay positive!  Either way, the change in seasons always has a powerful effect on me, as everyone around is slowly hunkering down for our long and cold winter ahead.  Worst case scenario – I read a lot of books while in hibernation mode!

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I wish I was better at blogging lately, but I’ve been so fatigued and feeling devoid of any kind of wit or wisdom worth sharing.  I have a long drive to an early doctor’s appointment tomorrow and Thursday, and I feel tired just thinking about it.

Do any of you feel like you are hitting the refresh button on life when September rolls around?  Or is that just for nerdy folks like me who never gave up the love of classes?



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  1. Yes, I do. For some reason, maybe it’s going to school through childhood, it seems like something new should be starting. I hear you on the ‘chronic’ part being over rated.

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