Verbal Release Therapy

Verbal Release Therapy
  • Netflix is doing this whole working/not-working schtick lately.  When I’m home alone, Netflix is one of my only friends, so I’d really like it if it could get its shit together.  My internet must be lagging or something…
  • I’m EXHAUSTED from all of the social activity from the last two weeks.  Other than going to the doctor, I’m going to crawl into my bed and be the most anti-social creature of life for the next little bit.
  • Although, I wish it was acceptable to make small talk in the world the way that I would like to – which is basically gathering information on people’s innermost thoughts and wishes as well as their daily routines!  Alas, most people don’t like to tell you that stuff, especially when they hardly know you!
  • The pain in my hips is making it hard to lay, sit, stand, and walk…so it’s basically a no win situation. Ow.
  • Today is my last doctor’s appointment with one of my more favorite docs.  Then he leaves to go back to the United States.  Oh well, it was good working relationship.

Now to get back to my normal routine since everyone has gone back to work!

How are you all doing?  Feel free to vent to me, I love to hear from you!



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  1. Hi Andrea,

    My name is Karen, I’m a middle-aged semi-retired Montessori teacher & singer/musician with fibromyalgia & migraines. I was diagnosed with FM years ago & have had migraines most of my life. I’m a single mom/grandma who lives alone with my dog, Mairead, on a farm in rural southern Ontario. I’m SO glad that you have such bravery & tenacity to write a blog….that’s awesome! I’m too tired to read much of it today, but I’ll peruse your articles over time.

    This last yr was the 1st yr I was able to work PT for YEARS …. I’m SO pleased that I hung in there, it’s a great accomplishment for me. However, I REALLY pushed it, & now am paying for it. It’s now summer-holidays (from my public school job); all I do is sleep, eat, rest, make music (autoharp w/vocals), & occasionally cut grass (riding lawnmower). Normally I would be so lonely, but I’m too out of it for that. I’m expecting company in 2 wks, so I need to get my cleaning, baking and a little gardening done, but my body’s still yelling at me to rest. So I’m listening.

    I was reading the BBC website (while half asleep) in their health section, when I found your website. I hope you get many responses, but not too many to overwhelm you. Do you have any artistic hobbies? Besides writing, do you listen to/make music, or take photos, or draw/sketch, or garden, etc? I see that you have a cat…. that’s wonderful. Pets are such great buddies…they love us unconditionally, but never complain or criticize!

    I hope you have good social support; mine is not good at the moment. I find that can change with circumstances & times. My daughter & 3 little granddaughters live 5 hrs away. Unfortunately, my daughter is not friendly or supportive to me, as she’s a very critical, hard-hearted person like her father (who I divorced MANY yrs ago.) My little granddaughters love me dearly, & I love them, but my daughter has a jealousy problem, & only allows very limited amounts of visiting time. My son lives in B.C.; generally we have a good relationship, just not lately… he’s angry because I’m not getting my parents’ will/estate settled, so he can get his money share….very upsetting to me. He should know better, as he realizes I have no help at all with my home, finances or with large projects. I won’t go into it all today…it’s too much. Suffice it to say, I’m coping with family stress, time pressures, and no help. My mom died last Jan., my closest brother died last yr in Feb.

    Thankfully, I’m a trained musician, which gives me & others great joy. Have you ever seen or heard an autoharp? If you google the word, Bryan Bowers, JoAnn Smith, Will Smith, or Harvey Reid’s names will come up, amongst many others. If you look on youtube, JoAnne’s, Will’s & Harvey’s music is excellent, along with many others. It’s a folk instrument that’s great fun. Hopefully someday I’ll post some of my own autoharp music on there. I do play at my school, at senior’s homes, festivals & churches. There’s a summer festival coming up later in Aug., where I hope to perform. I pour out all my joy, sadness, frustration, anger, hurt, hope, etc, etc, when I practice by myself, so it’s very therapeutic. Then when I perform, most of my emotions are freed up, & I can share up-beat, happy songs. People really relate to my music, sometimes I see a few tears fall when I touch hearts…that’s when I know the music has helped….when people let go of their feelings through music, they always feel better.

    Time for supper.
    I hope you feel better really soon.
    Thanks for bravely sharing your thoughts publicly,

  2. Karen,

    What a great message! I had no idea I was even on the BBC Health section, so that’s a surprise to me! I think you might have been the only one to see it based on my comments :P

    I’m glad that you have music to make you feel better – I have my reading and mixed media art. I luckily have been taken in with my parents as I am not able to work. I’m sorry to hear that your daughter only allows you a little bit of visitation with your granddaughters. That must be so hard. I will definitely check out your music!

    Thank you for noticing my public thoughts!

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