Verbal Release Therapy

Verbal Release Therapy
  • I’m having a hard time controlling my thoughts :(
  • Stupid unnecessary arguments…
  • My loss of routine!
  • Being told to calm down and relax…these comments are more likely to make me more agitated!  I don’t know why it gets under my skin, but it so does!
  • Migraines…
  • Relating to a fictional character to the point of it causing pain!
  • Cystic acne
  • This terrible rainy and overcast weather that we’ve been having lately!  Certainly does nothing to benefit my head pain :(
  • My sister went back to Newfoundland today – hopefully she’ll be back in the Fall!
  • Two giant spider bites at the top of my leg.  A spider appears to have crawled up my leg, and I feel sufficiently violated.  Plus, they hurt!

I really only change out of them when I’m required to leave the house!

What is getting under your skin this Monday?  Anyone want to be grouchy for a minute with me?



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  1. I will grouch with you. I have been dealing for months to find an oral surgeon willing to work with me (no colognes or fragrances)or one that is not afraid of working with me (allergic to life). The tooth hasn’t been bothering me until yesterday. Now it is aching and I still don’t have an oral surgeon.

  2. I just explode with anger when someone tells me to calm down. I grit my teeth, sometimes after letting out a good growl. I just can’t take that crap. Ugh. You can’t, like, tell me how to feel. Rawr.

    The weather plays with my head, too. Migraines and vertigo.

    My clothes aren’t exactly pajamas. I tend to wear an extra big t-shirt that has been worn very thin now, and a skirt that slips on. It’s almost like real clothes, except that I wouldn’t want anyone to see me in them.

    Hope your week gets better!

  3. When someone tells me to calm down, it feels like they are negating my feelings. Even if they aren’t. Even if I know, rationally, deep down, that I’m over-reacting and that it’s quite likely I missed a medication dosage. It doesn’t matter – I’m on the RAWWR train on greased tracks, and I won’t be getting off till the inevitable derailment.

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