Pop Culture Wednesday – Stress Relief Through Coloring!

Pop Culture Wednesday – Stress Relief Through Coloring!

This is the coloring book I’m currently working on:

The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, but since I like to color in marker, I always have to choose which of the two designs I like better, as they always place the images back to back on the paper.  I wish more coloring books would just print an image on a single page, so that people like me didn’t have to miss out on half a coloring book.  A completely useless whine, I know.  I could switch to crayons or colored pencils, but they just don’t give me the same effect.

The next two coloring books that I’m going to purchase are:

As I’m absolutely obsessed with intricate paisley designs…

Just because it looks highly entertaining!  There aren’t many coloring books out there with adult subject matter!

Do any of you color as a method of stress relief?  It’s a really great way to clear your mind, and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from some anxiety.  It’s an easy and cheap hobby to take up!  Do any of you have any favorite coloring books that you’d like to recommend?  I love it when I discover a gem!



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  1. Mad for paisley!
    I like drawing with colouring pencils and I noticed my mum loves colouring in (Australians seem to call it “colouring in”) and paint-by-numbers. And we call markers “textas”: now you know everything about colouring in echidnas, kangaroos and cockatoos ;)
    I bought some wool and knitting needles and am planning to learn to knit to keep my fingers busy.
    I did a massive jigsaw puzzle this week and am reluctant to disassemble it after how long it took me to do.

  2. This week I coloured in a mandala I found on the internet. I needed something requiring minimal brain effort :) I like the look of the colouring books. I have lost mine, which was textile designs. No idea where it has gone.

  3. Sandy – thanks to you, I know know more about coloring in Australia than I ever probably would have on my own! I also have a big puzzle that I have refused to disassemble as it took a lot of effort!

    Alison – I love coloring mandalas as well :)

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