Love Me Fridays

Love Me Fridays
  • I love my parents!  I’m lucky that I get to spend more time with these truly wonderful people, and I learn so much more about them as an adult!  It’s funny how much more grateful you are when you learn what it is like to be a grown up too!  Plus, my mom helps me tackle meals, which is one of my toughest challenges.
  • I’m starting to at least be optimistic about the idea of starting over.  While I miss miss miss someone, I also know that there are opportunities found in a blank slate.  The thought cultivates a little inspiration in me, which is always welcome.
  • Doing what I want, when I want, all of the time.  One of the joys of being single!  I’m back into watching my favorite movies, writing poetry, reading books, making collages, and all of those good things.
  • Rediscovering my love of music, and having it feel like each and every artist are singing directly to me.  I know they say that’s a bipolar tendency, but right now I’m feeling each and every song lyric.  It’s been awhile for me.
  • My mom buying me some t-shirts that fit, because either I continue to grow, or they slowly shrunk to death in the washer and dryer!  It will be nice to feel like I fit into something for a change.
  • My new bed comes tomorrow!
  • Blankets, because on days like today where I have to get out and see a doctor, I end up feeling like 18 kinds of garbage by the time I get home.  I just want to curl up and disappear.
  • Coloring, which I think I’m going to sit back and do while watching a movie right after I post this blog!

My motto for the weekend!

Number of cats (and bottles) necessary to take the pain away!

Pretty Oscar de la Renta illustration :)

What are you grateful for on this fine Friday?  What is making you life a little easier simply by existing?  After the day I had today, I would love to hear of what spreads happiness your way…



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