Big Medical Changes on the Horizon

Big Medical Changes on the Horizon

So I’ve been on a waiting list to see a pain management clinic in Halifax for about 2 years now.  Apparently I’m getting closer to the top of the list, so of course I start to get a little nervous.

I am aware that nearly all pain clinics do not like to use opiates as their drug of choice.  There are some interesting new alternatives out now, like Ketamine, which I would be interested in trying.  However, I am absolutely TERRIFIED that they are going to strip me of the opiates in favor of something that doesn’t work as well.  Until I started the opiates a few years ago, I had NO semblance of a life whatsoever.  I was in mind-blowing pain, unable to do ANYTHING, and completely bedridden.  At least now I can usually move again, and accomplish some things for myself around the house.  Before I had a doctor brave enough to put me on opiates, my entire life was suffering.  It wasn’t a life.  I didn’t want to live, because existence was worse than I could ever imagine.

Now, I don’t like certain side effects that come with opiates, and I most certainly don’t like the addictive factor (although to be honest, all of the drugs I am on are equally chemically addictive to my body…).  So many people recommend that I detox and just start over from scratch, but that is a hell scenario that I’m not entirely sure I want to go through.

On top of that, my psychiatrist from the last few years is leaving the Island, and my last appointment with him is coming right up.  A new psychiatrist means new diagnoses and/or ideas of what is wrong, as well as potential med changes, when really the ones I have are working reasonably well.  Things are certainly being shaken up on the doctor front, and I’m scared the medication will change as well.

I can only hope that whatever does get changed is for the better, and if it isn’t, perhaps I can get my family doctor to still prescribe whatever needs to be prescribed (although she can’t really take care of the psych meds).  With the loss of my healthcare plan, it will be important to try to keep my meds to the lowest possible cost, but how that will work out, I don’t know.

Big changes are on the horizon for my medical treatment.  I’m feeling rather wary of the whole thing.



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  1. Hey… I’ve been treated through the Wasser pain clinic at Mt Sinai in Toronto. Pain clinics aren’t opiate adverse, but they are targeted by drug-seekers, so they each have their own way of weeding out the addicts. Wasser makes you do a 2 hr seminar ahead of your appointment, and they explain right then and there that they don’t prescribe painkillers until you’ve been fully assessed by your third or fourth visit. This had about six really skeevy looking guys get up and just walk right out. Pain clinics usually don’t tamper with what you’re on until they know more about you. Keep your readers posted. Stay awesome, little one.

  2. Rosalind,

    I adore you for thinking I’m awesome!

    I’m so glad to hear that they don’t normally tamper until they know me better. I completely understand that it’s hard to separate the truly ill from the drug seekers. I will keep you updated!

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