Things To Do When You’re Sleep Deprived And Going Bonkers…

Things To Do When You’re Sleep Deprived And Going Bonkers…

I have slept the whole night of exactly one night since my move.  That would be a month ago.  Those aren’t great odds.  I may catch an hour here or there, but nothing one could call substantial.  It’s starting to make me more ill, and I can’t understand why I can never sleep anymore!  My sleep was never good in the first place, but it’s gone downhill fast!

I purchased a new gel foam bed which is getting delivered on Saturday.  Everyone who loves me, please cross your fingers that I can get a decent night’s sleep once again!

Things I’m Doing Since I Can’t Nap For The Life Of Me:

  • Blogging (wow, you’d never have figured that one out on your own, would you now?)
  • Reading Mockingjay (the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy!) – I seriously recommend this book series everyone!  It’s kept me on the edge of my seat!
  • Attempting to write something of interest.  It’s been too long since I did any kind of writing that wasn’t for this blog.
  • Listening to my music on shuffle – half of the songs on here I completely forgot I had!
  • As a result, having a mini dance party in my computer chair, despite the fact that it’s making me dizzy and nauseous.
  • Wishing that my mother would order cable television so I’d have something to watch, but then I’d probably be less artistic.  Still, there are days you seriously need to veg out to mindless tv!
  • I do have Netflix though, so that might have to get turned on later!
  • Playing on Polyvore to expand my fashion knowledge, searching for funny pictures, and looking at photos of other places (kind of like vicarious travel!).
  • Learning more about Buddhism, my spiritual guidance tool of choice.
  • Working on my beloved old art journal that I haven’t touched in ages!

Sadly, I got more nauseous and now these activities will have to go on hold for a little bit.  The fact that I was doing all of these things at the same time seriously makes me think about why I probably never get anything done.  Need to learn how to avoid the multitasking desire!

This feels about accurate…

What do you guys do to pass the time when you’re tired but wired?



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  1. So sorry you are struggling – good sleep is everything in CFS!!! I understand because I definitely don’t sleep as well away from home. But, the very first thing my doctor did after diagnosing me was to correct my sleep dysfunction, and it makes such a huge difference! Have you ever tried that? It can take a lot of trial and error (and patience!) to find the exact right meds and doses, but it is so worth the effort to sleep normally again!

    I also wondered if you’ve tried any OI treatments since you mentioned dizziness and nausea. For me, treating sleep dysfunction and OI has resulted in lots of improvement in my overall condition.

    Hope you don’t mind the friendly advice! I hate to see people suffering from aspects of CFS that can be treated effectively.

    Hang in there – I hope the new bed helps!!! Thinking of you…


  2. Hey,

    I’m new to the CFS kaboodle, I was only diagnosed in the past couple of weeks, but I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your blog posts. This one seems especially apt, because I can never seem to sleep through the night at the moment. I totally agree with the reading Mockingjay suggestion, I was hooked on all three of the Hunger Games books. I wish I could have got out to see the film, I guess I’ll have to wait until I can get it on DVD! I spend quite alot of time looking out the window when I can’t sleep, I love watching light start to seep over the hills.

    Ruth xx

    Ruth xx

  3. Sue,

    I’ve tried many times to correct my sleep dysfunction, but sadly it’s never worked out quite right. It’s always all over the place :/.


    I was hooked on the books, and you will definitely love the film! I also love watching the sun come up on the horizon when I can’t sleep :)

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