My Lessons in Grounding…

My Lessons in Grounding…

My psychologist is constantly teaching me how to “ground myself”.  I consider this theory somewhat similar to meditation, which I also enjoy.  It’s basically taking yourself out of your head and concentrating on the present moment and what is happening around you.  Of all the tools I have to help myself with depression and chronic illness, it’s probably the best one, as I have a tendency to drift off into either a fantasy world or the painful past (neither of which are particularly useful).

One of my favorite ways to ground myself is by coloring or drawing.  When you are that focused on lines and colors and ideas, it’s hard to get lost in bad memories.  I also like to pick up a good novel, but it has to be really good, because otherwise I have a terrible attention span.  Cuddling Mr. Marms is always a good option.  Sometimes I try to dance with him, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy it much!  Writing is important for me, as it lets me spill those feelings out onto paper, and then they retreat from my mind for a little while.  When I throw on some music in the background, I do even better, as it provides some inspiration!

She also recommends occasional escapism (just not all of the time!).  I can manage to watch television shows, but have a hard time with movies, as they are so long!  Magazines allow me to get lost in a beautiful world of fashion creation and stunning people.  I can manage to daydream up a storm easily enough too!

I still enjoy taking time to sit down in a quiet place and position myself for meditation and just let the thoughts roll through my mind until my head is empty.  I like to make notes of what pops up, and if it’s mean I have to negate it, because the depression manages to trick my brain into saying not great things.  I’ve been doing better as the years go by though, and I’m proud of myself for it.

One of my favorite things in life!

Let it all drift away!

An important reminder in tattoo form!

What do you do to stay grounded?



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  1. Do you like anime? A lot of it is serial, so only 15-20 minute long episodes. I am trying to find better grounding techniques- lots of the things I like to do don’t wholly occupy my mind, so not really effective. I can zone into a book or movie but too much of that isn’t good for you either. *sigh*

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