Lupus Awareness Day Today, Moving Day Tomorrow…

Lupus Awareness Day Today, Moving Day Tomorrow…

My body is in epic pain and sleep deprivation, and I have to go pack up my ex-house tomorrow.

It doesn’t seem fair that those have to be happening at the same time, although the pain and sleep debt are relentless, so I don’t really seem to have much choice in the matter.  My fibro flare seems to be going up and up and up.  After I finish boxing up my entire life, I have to go see the psychologist and talk about this mess of a situation!  I can’t say I’m looking forward to tomorrow, as it sounds like a combination of a whole lot of tears and a few mini panic attacks (I hope they will be mini).  I’ll have to remember to put on music and try to power through it, even though I know my body will be broken for the next few days.

It’s Lupus Awareness Day!  I have so many friends suffering from this absolutely awful illness, and my own doctor thinks that a diagnosis for me is likely in the future.  Try to take time and read the article about it, so you can make yourself aware of what these people go through without a cure:

As an autoimmune disease, it tends to combine with other autoimmune disorders until you’re watching your whole body fall apart.  These people are survivors and an inspiration to me.  Love you all!

Need to remember this while packing!


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

That’s my motto as of now.

I will just get it done tomorrow, move things, finish setting up my room and my stuff around the house, leave some stuff behind, and start a new chapter of my life.



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