My Writing Style #HAWMC

My Writing Style #HAWMC

For today’s post for #HAWMC, I am to reveal my style of writing to you all.

As much as I try to plan my posts in advance, I’m rarely organized enough to have it all running smoothly.  My posts usually get done on the day that they are supposed to go up, and typically I just write the stream of consciousness from my head.  I have lists all over the house for blog ideas that I have, but usually something will resonate with me on the day that I’m writing, or I’ll have a challenge such as this one.  I always proofread the pieces before they get posted, but I’m sure that I miss the occasional error, as I don’t work as hard on them as I would for something like the academic papers that I used to have to write.

I have added in some weekly regular posts – Love Me Fridays, Things That Bug Me Mondays – just because it’s nice to have something steady to write about where I can share my day-to-day life with everyone.  It helps to only have to come up with original ideas for the Tuesday/Thursday posts, although I’ve even been writing on the weekend for this challenge, which I almost never do!!  I usually throw a title on at the end, as I never entirely know where my meandering mind will bring the post.

Some of my favorite styles to use are bullet points and numbers, as I find they help get reader attention, as most people don’t want to read big articles from blogs.  I do love my handwriting, but I definitely do most of my writing on the computer!  I hope my writing has improved over the past year, and I hope you all enjoy what I write!



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