Things That Bug Me Mondays

Things That Bug Me Mondays
  • Stress from going to a new place made me break out into cystic acne!
  • The fact that June is still SO COLD
  • PMS
  • Chores (they are endless!)
  • Trying to come up with schemes to make money
  • That my cat is highly resistant to getting his claws clipped lol
  • Trying to figure out how to further decorate my home…
  • The fact that I’ve been having worse back pain lately :(
  • Nausea from the drugs

Overall, it was a pretty damn good week!  I got to visit the wonderful Sarah and Bronwyn, my parents, and go to the musical version of The Full Monty (which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!)

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Now it’s time to continue the hard work around the house!

Share what’s bugging you here – let’s start with a fresh slate again this week.  It’s a very freeing process :) .



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  1. -grey, rainy weather!
    -job hunting
    -my parent’s never-ending denial of my illnesses
    -tests giving no answers … or resulting in more questions

  2. The heat of our June in Virginia
    The kids being home 24/7 because they’re on summer break. I love them, but they’re driving me crazy!
    When I’m too sick to write.
    When I’m in too much pain to sew.
    That my parents are moving nine hours away and I won’t be physically able to visit.
    That my husband’s father had a heart attack on Father’s Day and we still don’t know if he’s going to make it.
    I could go on but I’m depressing myself!!!

    Thanks for letting me vent that!


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